“The Brasileirão was not lost by Dorival”

Flamengo, Goiás

Credit: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

Journalist Eric Faria evaluated Flamengo’s tie with Goiás, in Goiânia, for the 26th round of the Brasileirão. With the stumble, Rubro-Negro lost the runner-up and dropped to third place in the table, with 45 points. In addition, Dorival Júnior’s team also saw the leader Palmeiras open nine points of advantage in the classification.

In his personal profile on Twitter, Eric Faria minimized Dorival Júnior’s guilt in the distance between Flamengo and the leader of the Brasileirão. Paulo Sousa is the main responsible for the situation of Rubro-Negro in the national championship, according to the Globo reporter.

“Flamengo fans are furious. Many complain about Dorival Jr. The game was tough. The two gunners suspended. Goiás comes from three victories. That said, the championship was not lost by Dorival, right? His campaign is a title fight. Already the inheritance he received”, wrote Eric Faria.

“When Flamengo with the reserves three weeks ago beat Hurricane, many people in the crowd said: “Fla is the best team in Brazil. The second best is the reserve Fla.” Now, climbing the “second best team in Brazil” is no good. The tongue is the whip of the body”, added the journalist.

Dorival Júnior evaluates the distance between Flamengo and Palmeiras:

In a press conference after the tie with Goiás, coach Dorival Júnior evaluated the difference between Flamengo and leader Palmeiras in the classification. The coach admitted that the advantage of Alviverde is considerable, but avoided abandoning the dispute for the title of the Brasileirão.

“We have twelve rounds to play, anything can happen. Just as Palmeiras can confirm the condition they present at that moment. It’s a respectable difference, but you’ve seen many comebacks in several championships”, recalled Dorival Júnior.

“I would like to have a team always playing in every match, but with this madness that our competitions are, it’s impossible to do that. Out of respect for the fans, I try to put the best possible team on the field, always in a position to be able to give an answer. Even because the vast majority of players have joined even if they don’t start the main matches”, he added.

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