THESE people can buy 0 km cars with up to 30% off

A group of Brazilians can purchase a brand new car with up to 30% discount. This possibility is guaranteed for those who act as Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI). The benefit is due to the exemption from the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) for direct sales.

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But not everyone knows that this rule applies and ends up missing the chance to get a good discount. The reduction applies to both the purchase of a commercial car and a private vehicle.

What is the discount amount?

The discount value changes according to the manufacturer, in addition to the model and number of vehicles purchased. Discounts start from 2.5% and can reach 30%. The brands that offer discounts to MEIs are: Fiat, Renault, Fiat and Chevrolet.

The best-selling models are the most “popular” cars, such as Gol, Strada pickup and Onix.

How to get the discount?

To have access to the rebates, it is enough for the person to present personal documents and prove that he/she acts as a micro-entrepreneur during the purchase. In addition, it is necessary to present the documentation that ensures the status of entrepreneur, such as the CNPJ and the Individual Microentrepreneur Certificate.

Conditions for buying the car at a discount

The MEI that decides to buy a car at a discount must be aware that there is a longer delay for the delivery of the vehicle. The waiting period can reach two months, which can hinder those who are looking for a car more urgently.

Another important point is that buying a car using the CNPJ determines that the owner cannot sell the vehicle within 12 months. The idea is to ensure that the entrepreneur does not purchase the asset at a discount to profit from the acquisition of a resale.

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