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Alexandre de Moraes and Defense Minister Paulo S
TSE reinforced that the constitutional competence of the Electoral Justice (photo: Ed Alves/CB/DA Pres)

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) reported this Monday (12/9) that there was no agreement with the Armed Forces or supervisory entities to allow differentiated access in real time to the data sent to complete the electoral process.

The statement comes after the disclosure on other websites of an alleged agreement between the TSE and the Armed Forces, which would have access to a sample of 385 electronic voting machines to compare with the raw data provided by the regional courts.

“The constitutional competence of the Electoral Justice. There was no change to what was defined in the first semester, nor any agreement. The novelty implemented this year will be the publication of ballot boxes on the world wide web after the close of voting for broad access and unrestricted of all inspection entities and the public in general”, declared the body, in a note.

integrity test

In August, TSE president Alexandre de Moraes met with Defense Minister Paulo Srgio Nogueira to discuss the military’s request for an integrity test for electronic voting machines.

After the meeting, the TSE declared that it will present a “complementary pilot project”, together with the military, following the model presented by the Armed Forces for the test. The Court did not explain, however, whether the changes would be made later this year.

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