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Virgínia Fonseca is revolted by a pediatrician’s post that points to a delay in the speech of her daughter, Maria AlicePlayback / Instagram

Published 09/12/2022 07:46 | Updated 09/12/2022 07:58

Rio – Virgínia Fonseca used social media, last Sunday, to vent about the post of a pediatrician who indicated a possible delay in the speech of her eldest daughter, Maria Alice, 1 year old. On Instagram, the influencer, who is expecting her second daughter, the result of her marriage to singer Zé Felipe, did not mince words to rebut the doctor and said that her firstborn is “in her time”.

“Things that pediatrics gives me: I keep an eye on Maria Alice, daughter of Virginia and Zé Felipe, to see when she will develop speech (which is delayed, even)”, began the pediatrician on Twitter. “She should already be speaking at least three more words, in addition to the family names. But speaking well”, added the doctor.

Revolted, Virgínia published a print screen of the pediatrician’s comments, without exposing her name or photo, and criticized the doctor’s attitude. “Don’t be that kind of professional, for God’s sake. It’s not because I don’t post my daughter saying ‘duck’ when she sees her duck float, and post her saying ‘mommy’, because for me it’s much more exciting, that she is delayed in speech and that you can give a diagnosis on Twitter and find it normal. [Maria Alice] shouldn’t do anything. She goes on her time and it’s okay,” she said.

“Kind of things I get just to take my peace anyway. Have holy patience. You’ll excuse me who doesn’t need to read this, but when it comes to motherhood stuff, unfortunately, I can’t hold back yet. I know I still will. learn a lot with time. Soon, my other little princess will be here and, with that, I will only acquire more maturity to learn to deal with all this, I hope”, vented the influencer.

Finally, Zé Felipe’s wife made it clear that her daughter has medical care and stated that she does not publish each stage of the girl’s development. “Each child is a child. Maria Alice goes to the pediatrician every month. She is super smart, cute, beautiful and does things in her time, yes. And another detail: not everything is posted. Once again, sorry for those who didn’t need it. reading this, I posted it just to relieve myself, you know how it is, 8 months pregnant and with hormones in the skin”, he concluded.

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