Will PIS/Pasep 2023 be BRL 1,302? See if the dates have already been confirmed

O PIS/Pasep salary bonus it has not yet been rescued by thousands of formal workers and public servants who are entitled to the benefit. Those who worked in 2020 have the opportunity to withdraw up to a minimum wage, according to the number of months of activity in that year.

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The transfer for the base year 2021 was postponed by the federal government and should only take place in 2023. About the next calendar, what is already known? See below.

PIS/Pasep allowance in 2023

The release of amounts occurs in the year following the period worked, except in cases of postponement of the calendar. In 2023, Brazilians may have the chance to withdraw double PIS/Pasep, one referring to 2021 (postponed) and another referring to 2022.

According to the latest forecast sent to Congress, the minimum wage should increase to R$1,302 as of January next year. In this case, the allowance must also be readjusted to keep up with inflation and avoid loss of purchasing power for the beneficiaries.

So far, there is still no confirmation on the official value of PIS/Pasep, nor if there will be double payment or when it will occur. The only certainty is that the benefit will have an adjustment based on the minimum wage.

About the salary bonus

PIS is aimed at employees of private companies, while Pasep serves public servants. Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for the first group, and Banco do Brasil pays for the second.

The amount transferred to each citizen varies according to the number of months worked in the year considered for calculation. In 2022, for example, the allowance ranges from R$110 to R$1,212, see the table:

  • 1 month – BRL 101
  • 2 months – BRL 202
  • 3 months – BRL 303
  • 4 months – BRL 404
  • 5 months – BRL 505
  • 6 months – BRL 606
  • 7 months – BRL 707
  • 8 months – BRL 808
  • 9 months – BRL 909
  • 10 months – BRL 1,010
  • 11 months – BRL 1,111
  • 12 months – BRL 1,212

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