With different strategies, Goiás and Flamengo only draw in Serrinha

This Sunday’s game, at Estádio da Serrinha, put two teams with different strategies face to face: Goiás, the team with the least possession of the ball in the Brazilianit’s the Flamengo, owner of the second best attack and who likes to have control of the match. It was like this, respecting their characteristics, that the teams of Jair Ventura and Dorival Júnior ended up at 1 to 1, with goals from Diego and Matheus França.

With the result, Flamengo went to 45 points, but lost a position to Internacional and saw the distance to leader Palmeiras rise to nine points. Goiás, with 36, is ninth in the Brazilian Championship table. Check it out in detail by clicking here!


With a team closer to the holder than in the last rounds of Serie A, Flamengo repeated the bad first time they had against Ceará, when they played with more reserves compared to this Sunday. Individually, Marinho and Cebolinha didn’t do well, and Everton Ribeiro, alone, couldn’t produce the required volume of play.

Thus, Dorival’s team went into the break without a clear shot.


Goiás was more efficient in its strategy. At the beginning, it bothered the opponent’s ball out by going up the marking. Then, with the low lines and betting on Pedro Raul’s pivot and Dadá Belmonte’s speed, he created good chances. In the best of them, Diego came face to face with Santos, who with courage, came out and took the angle of the steering wheel.

Before, the Flamengo goalkeeper had also defended a dangerous shot by Dadá, from the edge of the area, in another shot of speed.


After the break, the only change in the teams was the departure of Dadá Belmonte (muscle discomfort) for the entry of Matheus Sales. Without one of its main options, Goiás saw Flamengo’s intensity grow and began to have more difficulties in marking.

Dorival Júnior’s team, thus, managed to hit the goal three times before the 20th minute – which they had not done in the entire initial stage. At this moment, the Flamengo coach bet on the entries of Arrascaeta and Rodinei. The absence of a striker was evident on the field and, after that, Mateusão ​​and França came on.


Within the plan, Goiás were more efficient and it was within their best feature that Serrinha opened the scoring. A quick throw on the right ended up with the ball at Pedro Raul’s feet, inside the area. The pivot worked and the forward only supported Diego, even slipping, finishing with no chance for Santos, already at 35.

Flamengo’s response was immediate – and with the bank’s participation. Arrascaeta took a corner, Léo Pereira anticipated Tadeu and, with the ball alive inside the area, Matheus França pushed it towards the goal. The validation only came after the referee’s review of nearly four minutes.

After looking for a tie, Rubro-Negro continued with possession of the ball, but did not threaten the goal defended by goalkeeper Tadeu again.


Now, Flamengo turns its attention to the Copa do Brasil. the game back from Copa do Brasil semifinals, against São Paulo, is this Wednesday, at Maracanã. Rubro-Negro won the first leg 3-1.

For the 27th round of the BrasileirãoGoiás and Flamengo return to the field next Sunday, the 18th. Esmeraldino visits Bragantino, at 11 am, while Rubro-Negro plays the classic against Fluminense, at 4 pm.


Place: Serrinha Stadium, Goiania (GO)
Date/Time: 09/11/2022, at 19:00 (Brasília time)
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
Auxiliaries: Kleber Lucio Gil (Fifa/SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC)
Video referee: Rafael Traci (SC)
Income/Audience: BRL 731,500.00 / 11,584 paying / 13,798 gifts

goals: Diego (1-0, 35’/2nd) and Matheus França (1-1, 41’/2nd)

Yellow card: Sávio, Vinícius and Dadá Belmonte (GOI); Ayrton Lucas (FLA)
Red card: There wasn’t.

GOIÁS (Coach: Jair Ventura)

Thaddeus; Maguinho, Caetano, Reynaldo and Sávio; Auremir (Felipe Bastos, 47’/2ºT), Marquinhos Gabriel (Caio, 42’/2ºT) and Diego (Apodi, 42’/2ºT); Dadá Belmonte (Matheus Sales, Interval), Vinícius (Renato Júnior, 23’/2ºT) and Pedro Raul.

FLAMENGO (Coach: Dorival Júnior)

Saints; Matheuzinho, David Luiz, Léo Pereira and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Vidal (João Gomes, 36’/2ºT) and Everton Ribeiro (Arrascaeta, 18’/2ºT); Marinho (Rodinei, 18’/2ºT), Everton Cebolinha (Matheus França, 30’/2ºT) and Victor Hugo (Mateusão, 30’/2ºT).

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