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A young woman from Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, discovered a tumor after the onset of a cough that seemed “incurable”. According to Julia Paiva, 23, the disease ended up spreading to some organs and the young woman no longer responds to a series of chemotherapies. Now, she fights for a costly treatment that could cure the disease: CAR-T Cells immunotherapy.

The young woman fights a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of large mediastinal B cells, which has already spread to some organs and reached the head, through the central nervous system. The treatment she seeks uses the body’s own defense cells instead of synthetic drugs. For that, she needs U$ 150 thousand, which is equivalent to R$ 800 thousand.

“It is very distressing to know that there is a treatment for my type of cancer and to see myself like this, every day with something more”, says the young woman.

In mid-2021, Julia was coughing a lot and started to get bloated. Doctors suspected it was vena cava syndrome, which she actually had. The condition partially blocks the superior vena cava, which carries blood from the head, neck, chest, and arms to the heart. As a result, the patient is left with swelling, coughing and shortness of breath.

With the syndrome diagnosed, Julia had a CT scan that pointed to a mass. After biopsy, it was found to be a lymphoma. [tumor]. She started with chemotherapy and improved, to the point of celebrating her last day of chemotherapy in December 2021.

Julia celebrated the end of chemotherapy in December 2021, before discovering that the disease had not yet been cured — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ajudejuliapaiva

However, in January 2022, Julia says that the symptoms returned and she repeated the battery of tests. The results showed that the mass discovered a few months ago was even greater. She had another chemotherapy treatment, which was unsuccessful. She tried another, even stronger one, which also didn’t help, so she was hospitalized.

The young woman recalls that they tried radiotherapy treatment, but that it does not supply all her cancer, it only relieves in some areas and controls others, where the cancer is less advanced. Julia revealed to g1 that he feels constant pain and that the exams point to new possible points of cancer constantly.

Therefore, it seeks to raise the necessary amount to fund the CAR-T Cells immunotherapy treatment quickly. The treatment will be done in Ohio, in the United States, where he has already secured a place. The young woman has the support of friends and family to share the development of the disease on social networks, where she also accepts donations, makes raffles and raffles to reach the goal.

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