Abel Ferreira sets a deadline for Endrick to debut at Palmeiras

After Palmeiras’ victory over Juventude for the 2022 Brazilian Championship, at Allianz Parque, Abel Ferreira gave a press conference and was asked about the date for the young Endrick’s debut.

In the week before the match against Juventude, the expectation gained a lot of strength over Endrick’s debut for the palm trees, largely on account of a statement by businessman Wagner Ribeiro, when saying that the youngster would debut on Saturday (10) against Juventude. This information was later denied by the player himself on his social networks, including reaffirming that the manager is not his representative and does not speak for him.

In one of the questions, coach Abel Ferreira made it very clear how to work with the youngsters who appear in the base category of Palmeiras and who can be used by the coach in the professional team.

In response, Abel was very clear and objective as usual, saying that the process of introducing Endrick into the professional team will be the same as it was done with all the club’s youth players.
“The same as everyone else when I got here. The same as Patrick’s, Renan’s, Menino’s, Vanderlan’s. Things are done gradually and the club, before I arrive, has projects for the players and sometimes we skip stages”.

The Palmeiras coach also made a point of adding “Unfortunately in football, the same medicine is not the same for everyone. Ah, we did this with Danilo, so we do this now for everyone. Garcia has also played, but Garcia knows that at the moment he has Rocha and Mayke, that he will have to wait for his opportunity. That’s how it works at the club,” he finished.

Specifically about Endrick, Abel highlighted that “There is a plan, a project in the club, which is not Abel’s, it is the club’s and it will be followed. And we’re going to do this with Endrick, who started this year competing in the under-17, could be competing in the under-20 but the club understood that it should keep him competing in the under-17, then he put him to compete in the sub -20 and if everything goes well, he will win in the under-20 and if everything follows the plan and the normal course, we hope he can also be champion in the main team”.

In view of the coach’s statements, it is evident that the debut of the palmeirense jewel should not happen in the next games of the Brasileirão, and can only be for 2023.

Abel Ferreira is very attached to the question of team hierarchy, where each of the players has their “position” and must conquer their space as opportunities arise. That was the case with left-back Vanderlan, who joined the team due to injuries to Piquerez and Jorge.

The youngster’s good performance made him Piquerez’s immediate backup, leaving Jorge as the third option for the position.

Therefore, as anxious as the Palmeiras fans are to see Endrick playing for Verdão’s professional team, the Technical Commission and the club have different plans to launch the athlete and this time will not be brief.

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