After Gonçalo’s death, Lara asks to assume the role of heiress, tries to dribble Flora and is prevented: “are you afraid?”

Lara will get angry with Flora
Lara will get angry with Flora (Photo: Reproduction)

In The favoriteshown by Globo on Worth seeing again, Lara (Mariana Ximenes) will end up discovering all the crimes of Flora (Patricia Pillar) and will not give rest to the mother. after the death of Goncalo (Mauro Mendonca)the young woman will make a point of wanting to assume her rights as an heiress and command the Fontini Group.

So much so that she will decide to interfere in the merger that the villain is proposing between the Fontini Group and W Paper. Flora will be in a meeting with Halley (Cauã Reymond) and some executives, when Lara arrives confronting: “Isn’t it too early to discuss such a thing? After all, it hasn’t been a week since my grandfather died.”.

Flora will say that she is taking care of Gonçalo’s business as he would like. Halley will then ask for the vote. “As far as I know, you’re an intern who shouldn’t even be at the meeting”, Flora will say. Lara will be disgusted and will decide to put him as her representative on the council.

“Halley can’t be your representative because you’re not a board member. Your representative and your grandmother’s is me”, will counter Flora. Lara will decide to deal directly with Irene (Glória Menezes) and will question the power left in her mother’s hands.. “What’s the matter, Lara? Are you afraid of something?”will question the bitch.

“My fear is that the power goes to your head and you take rash action.” Lara will say. In this, she will talk about her intentions to take her part in the Fontini Group. Flora, always cynical, will say that maybe it’s not a good time, because her daughter can vent her anger over her grandfather’s death on the company’s affairs.

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Lara, however, won’t shut up and will say that her mother read a lot of psychology books in jail. But the comment will displease Irene. When Flora leaves the room, the young woman will speak directly to her grandmother: “You will know soon”. It is worth remembering that the novel is authored by João Emanuel Carneiro, being a success.

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