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In the next few weeks, Pantanal will come to an end, but it will remain forever in our hearts. This is the perfect case to define the feelings of Alanis Guillen, who plays Juma, a character who will have more twists until the end of the nine o’clock plot. In a chat with gshow backstage at Rock in Rio, the actress guarantees that she still hasn’t been able to process everything that has happened.

“I’m so immersed in Juma, I’m just living and after that I’m going to do all this. For now, it’s been transformative and wonderful. It’s just emotion, it changed my life”, she guarantees.

Alanis Guillen — Photo: Reginaldo Teixeira/Disclosure

In addition, Alanis is proud to think of the romance between Juma and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa). “I’m completely inside the story, this love and this meeting between them is beautiful, and especially the changes that happen to her from that”, she evaluates.

In the plot, Juma will undergo several changes until the last chapter. Intensity is the word that defines this moment.

“She came into my life and things are of the moment, the cycle closes when it has to be. Juma will stay in me forever: she was and will be a part of me forever”, he concludes.

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