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The most recent problem is that the car she was using on the day of the SG director’s disappearance was found, a vehicle that belonged to Dalva (Carol Portes) and which was charred by Anita, with the help of Jessica (Jeniffer Nascimento).

Anita and Jessica get rid of Dalva's car

Anita and Jessica get rid of Dalva’s car

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Summary of 'Cara e Courage': Chapters from September 12th to 17th

Summary of ‘Cara e Courage’: Chapters from September 12th to 17th

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Anita (Taís Araujo) once again asks Jessica (Jeniffer Nascimento) for help — Photo: TV Globo

Anita’s biggest concern is finding the license plates of the car and, for that, she once again counts on Jessica’s help.

“If they found the car, they will find the license plates. And they can link everything to Clarice’s death. The car’s license plate appears in the video that the police have, me dressed as Clarice, in Lagoa, with Samuel”, she explains to the driver.

Jessica discourages the massage therapist, she no longer wants to get involved in the story, but, at her friend’s insistence, she ends up agreeing.

And it’s not that Jessica finds one of the plates! Now it remains to be seen where the other one is.

Will the girls find her?

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Anita (Taís Araujo) and Jessica (Jeniffer Nascimento) go after the plates of the charred car — Photo: TV Globo

The scenes will air in this Monday’s chapter, 9/12, of Cara e Coragem.

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Alfredo convinces Pat to leave Bill with him for a while. Joca intrigues Alfredo for Olivia. Renan treats Andréa Pratini in the dance company. Italo decides to reveal to Pat and Moa a little about his personal life and talks about the information security company he owns. Jarbas photographs Ítalo’s extracts on Marcela’s desk. Danilo looks for Jonathan to find out about the modification of the formula. Andrea misses Moa. Pat doesn’t like to know that Alfredo left Bill at Milton’s house. Jonathan meets Anita at samba. Bob is embarrassed when Andréa asks him to take a picture with Olivia. Armandinho catches Ítalo at Jonathan’s house.

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