Apolitical, Ivete Sangalo contrasts with tribute to Elza Soares

Ivete Sangalo came in a loud vibration, different from what had just happened on the Sunset stage. Larissa Luz had commanded a grandiose tribute to Elza Soares, with many black singers representing the anti-prejudice and empowerment flags. It had been a very emotional moment, with images of Elza on the screen, phrases, tears, consternation and songs that she defended. Suddenly, the party that was seen on the next stage put everything under another vibration.

On guitar, soloing Sweet Child 'O Mine
On guitar, soloing Sweet Child ‘O Mine Photograph: PEDRO KIRILOS

Ivete does not have the discourse of taking power and justice, although she has it intrinsically, and she makes the spectacle for the sake of the spectacle. An artist who arrived before identitarianisms and who decided not to explicitly adhere to them, or who took a long time to manifest, seems to be unable to enter the room anymore. As she was not obliged to transform her music into socio-political transport, as Daniela Mercury and Margareth Menezes had done, she followed her carnival essence and, thus, led her career. For better or worse, Brazilian pop music today would not produce another Ivete Sangalo. There are no more spaces for fun without the filter of conscience.

What Ivete took to Rock in Rio was something of the same standards as good international attractions. She starts by playing guitar, soloing the riff from Sweet Child ‘O Mine, and then, without the instrument, she mixes up sounds of always high temperature. Time of Joy, Big Luck, Party, Summer Prefix, all up there. Moral is an irresistible samba funk. Then came Beleza Rara, the Latinized Mex a Cabeça, Dançando, A Galera and Céu do Boca. Ivete, in great shape, made the expected party with an excellence of great respect to her audience.

Apolitical, despite the phrases she lets out in the midst of the songs, such as “the country doesn’t need weapons”, Ivete cannot be asked to change the course of her essence. It’s a generational question that would make a book. A great moment for her was remembering when she dedicated her first visit to Rock in Rio to her son who has become a musician, Marcelo Sangalo, and now calling him to play the piano when the rain passes. “Every mother has the right to see her children grow up without fear,” she said. If it’s a flag they want, she has hers, even if she raises them somewhat forcefully.

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