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On Monday night (12) Argentine airport police arrested a woman who is believed to be a friend of Brenda Uliarte, girlfriend of Brazilian Fernando Montiel, the man who tried to shoot Vice President Cristina Kirchner, according to information provided by police. to the local press.

On September 1, Fernando Sabag Montiel pointed a gun less than a meter from Kirchner’s head as she was surrounded by supporters. The weapon failed at the time of firing. Montiel was arrested the same day and his girlfriend has been in jail since the 5th. (See more information about the attack below)

The Argentine newspaper “La Nacion” reported on Tuesday (13) the operation that led to the arrest of Brenda Uliarte’s friend. Her name was not released. According to sources heard by the newspaper, she was “a person of extreme trust by Brenda”. Her connection to the attack came after analyzing conversations between the two on Uliarte’s phone.

In addition to the arrest of Uliarte’s friend, the operation also seized cell phones and electronic devices at three addresses. According to the local press, at the request of judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, authorities involved in the investigation, the objective is to reconstruct the days before the attack and see if there are new accomplices in the case.

Brazilian and girlfriend ‘planned’ attack

Man Attempts to Assassinate Argentina's Vice President Cristina Kirchner

Man Attempts to Assassinate Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner

Fernando Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend, Brenda Uliarte, were indicted for “trying to kill Cristina Kirchner, relying on the planning and prior agreement between them”, says the text of Judge Capuchetti released on the 7th.

According to the indictment, Uliarte was nearby and it was possible to determine that the couple had had the weapon used in the failed attack since before Aug. Uliarte said he was just accompanying his boyfriend.

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In the document, the judge stated that the two acted “taking advantage of the state of indefensibility” of Kirchner “generated by the crowd”.

Kirchner was attacked while surrounded by well-wishers outside her residence. They were waiting for her to express support after a request for 12 years in prison and for the loss of their rights to hold public office by the Public Ministry in a trial for alleged corruption.

Montiel cocked the .38-caliber Bersa pistol aimed at Kirchner’s head, but for a reason that has not yet been clarified, the bullets did not fire, as the vice president greeted her followers in front of her residence.

In the melee, Kirchner apparently didn’t realize he was the target of the gun and continued autographing books for a few minutes before entering his home, while some supporters held the assailant at the scene to allow police arrest.

On Wednesday, the government removed part of the police officers who are part of the deputy’s security, considering that they “did not have the level that was expected to have”, reported the Telam agency.

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