Astrological Forecasts September 12-18, 2022

Astrological Predictions September 12th to 18th, 2022

Astrological Predictions September 12th to 18th, 2022

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The Astrological Forecasts for September 12-18, 2022 point to a messier week, with the likelihood of more fights, not to mention Mercury retrograde, which makes everyday life more hectic, with more potential for failures in the Internet, systems and rescheduling of appointments. However, good stimuli tend to appear on the weekend.

We have already entered the week with a Full Moon, present since Saturday (10). At this stage, it is necessary to know how to handle emotions more, as we tend to be more sensitive. And this sensitivity will increase even more with the Sun opposite Neptune from Tuesday (13), also opening the possibility of a fall in immunity.

And it’s not because sensitivity will be increased that the climate will be peaceful, since Venus and Mars in tension can bring disagreements and shacks in public situations. Furthermore, Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter, if not used well, increases fanaticism.

Understand below how to deal with these tensions, as well as how to use the harmonic influences that we will have this week, which can generate good insights and opportunities! always remember keep an eye on your free Personalized Horoscope herewhich will guarantee personalized tips for your life.

Sun trine Uranus: good time for change

Until Wednesday (14), the Sun trine Uranus inspires new things, changes and upheavals. We have the activation of intuition for new directions and release, so enjoy!

In addition, there is increased creativity. Many interesting practical ideas can emerge, so write down the insights.

Mercury in opposition to Jupiter: excitement, but also excesses

Occurring since August 30, Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter became exact on Sunday (18) and runs until September 22. With that, we have both positive and negative potentials. Here are some possibilities:

  • Conversation with others can broaden your vision. If you need it, look for someone who can have an effect on you.
  • However, the combination may also indicate that many tend to generalization or arrogance“owner of the truth” style.
  • General increase in fanaticism and overemphasis on opinions.
  • It is common that with Mercury/Jupiter, great ambitions emerge, but lack consistency in actions to put them into practice. Check out how to make ambitions a reality through planning.
  • Sometimes, dissatisfactions emergebut it is necessary to understand that in order to resolve issues we have to seek concrete solutions.
  • Desire to learn new things!
  • Increase in general chatter. Harder for people to be quiet.
  • On the other hand, more animation and joy also!

Mercury Retrograde: Tips for Dealing with it

Famous among astrology lovers, Mercury began its retrograde movement last Saturday (10th) and continues until October 2nd. Here you understand what Mercury Retrograde is and how traffic can affect your life.

Below, see how to deal with some possible manifestations:

  • As there is potential for a return from situations or people from the past, it can be nice resume reading a book, study, see a friendetc.
  • Downgrading makes the day to day more hectic, with more potential for failures in the Internet, systems and rescheduling of appointments, therefore, Requires patience and wit, plus a plan B for increased failures.
  • Pay attention at workas retrogradation increases distraction.
  • Put more effort into communicationas there is more occurrence of misunderstandings and incomplete content.
  • Traffic and essential services tend to suffer more unforeseen events, so pay attention.
  • Shopping becomes more complicated, with more possibility of delivery delays and later regrets. If possible, wait until October.

Sun in opposition to Neptune: more sleep and vulnerability

From Tuesday (13), the Sun begins to oppose Neptune, being exact on Friday (16). See the possibilities of manifestation of this aspect below, remembering that not everything has to happen for you and/or close people. Follow the Personalized Horoscope to know more precisely.

  • Increase in viruses and allergies.
  • Some feel more low immunity and vitality.
  • If you’re feeling more sleepy and tired, don’t be surprised, maybe you really need more rest.
  • There may be a greater degree of disinterest in “real life” and hypersensitivity.
  • Probability of being disappointed in something or someone.
  • feel more confused about something can also be an effect of this aspect, which is reinforced by Mercury Retrograde, which also does not facilitate clarity and decision making.
  • Some may benefit more from meditation and connection to the symbolic world and imagination. Here are 10 guided meditation practices.
  • It may also be important to take time to rest.
  • potential for emergence or intensification of psychological illnessesso it is important to seek ways of prevention and rebalancing.

Sun trine Pluto: recovery

Starting on Thursday (15), the Sun also trines Pluto, which can help to regain direction and vitality, although Neptune’s clouds will still be present until the beginning of the following week.

  • To help boost spirits in a more sensitive week, on Thursday (15th), at 8 pm, on the Personare’s Youtubethere will be live with me and Carol Senna with the theme “Saturn in the signs: how to take your food seriously“. Follow along to receive valuable tips!

Venus square Mars: irritability

There have been tensions with Mars for weeks, first with the Sun squaring this star, from 8/20 to 9/3, and now with Venus making the same aspect, from 9/12 to 9/20. The first aspect brought a lot of agitation and irritability, the second one is not far behind in terms of irritation.

Here are some possible manifestations of the Venus/Mars tension, which follows us over the next two weeks.

  • “Spending” effect. Also, I’ve already made it clear that we’re not in a good time for shopping, and this aspect reinforces this, instigating impulse purchases that may not be right.
  • Desire difference. One side wants more routine (Venus in Virgo) and the other, stimulation and novelty (Mars in Gemini). Conflict can be experienced in relationships or even be internal. For partnerships to work, it will be necessary for each one to know when to give in.
  • Divergences, aggression and irritability tend to occur, whether collectively and/or individually. It can be more difficult to reach an understanding and, as we are on the eve of elections, more people tend to fight over candidates and opinions.
  • Chance of famous couples or partners having public disagreements and/or separation.
  • There may also be conflict situations involving genders.
  • More fights in public places like nightclubs.
  • In flirting, beware of illusions (something associated with Sun opposite Neptune), since it may be that one may be more mobilizing for desire and the other person for romance.
  • Not recommended for more aggressive cosmetic procedures on impulseas there is a chance of mistakes and/or regrets.

Venus trines Uranus: more leisure

Starting on Saturday (17), Venus trines Uranus, favoring social life and leisure, and opening us up to last-minute surprises.

However, the square of Venus and Mars will still be in progress, having been exact on Friday (16), so continue to take into account the above and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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