Banco Inter: Check the list of credit cards with no annual fee

O Inter Bank grants multiple credit cards and does not charge an annual fee. Having one of the tools can be very advantageous, as each category has specific benefits.

Therefore, below, check out the credit cards that are offered by Banco Inter.

Types of cards offered and no annual fee

THE MasterCard is responsible for issuing Inter credit cards without an annual fee. Each category has its special criteria and benefits. See more details below:

Mastercard Gold Card

This is the most popular category on the market. The card has several benefits aimed at the consumer public. To achieve the same, it is not necessary to prove a minimum income, just open a digital account at Inter.

In addition, users have access to 0.25% cashback on all purchases made with the card. The tool also has no annual fee, and the customer can make national and international physical and online purchases.

Mastercard Platinum Card

It refers to an intermediate category, suitable for those who like to travel. The card provides 0.5% cashback on all purchases. However, to gain access to the card, it is necessary to comply with the following rules:

  • Have investments in Inter from R$ 50 thousand;
  • Receive or transfer salary from R$ 6 thousand to Inter;
  • Have spent BRL 5,000 or more on the last 4 Gold Inter card invoices.

Mastercard Black Card

This type is the most desired, as it has a number of advantages. Cashback is 1% on all purchases. But in order to have a black card with no annual fee, it is necessary to match some of the following situations:

  • Have an investment of between R$ 250 thousand and R$ 1 million in Inter;
  • Spending more than BRL 7,000 on the last 4 invoices;
  • Carry out a real estate financing, home equity, financing its construction or bringing your contract via portability to Inter;
  • Take out a payroll loan from R$100,000.00;
  • Make an annual subscription to Duo Gourmet.

See request the Inter Gold card

As it is the most basic and easily accessible category at Banco Inter, see the step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Gold card:

  1. Go to the card request page;
  2. Click on ‘Request Card’;
  3. Once this is done, tap on the ‘Open your account’ option;
  4. Then fill in your personal data;
  5. Download and install the Inter app;
  6. Finalize your registration to open the account;
  7. Click on ‘Cards’ from the app’s home screen;
  8. Finally, wait for the credit analysis process.

The Inter card limit is not disclosed in advance, as pre-approved. This is because it is established according to an individual credit analysis performed for each customer.

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