Belmonte guarantees Ceni’s permanence and talks about SPFC’s finances

Carlos Belmonte, director of football for São Paulo, participated in a live on the channel of journalist André Hernan. During the chat, the manager was asked about a speech by Rogério Ceni, after the tie in Sunday’s classic (11).

In a press conference, the coach made it clear that, if São Paulo sends him away, after losing the South American title, he wouldn’t even charge a termination fine. In Belmonte’s view, Ceni’s speech is just a way of clarifying that he would understand if it wasn’t the best thing for the club.

“From our side, it’s just the opposite of that. We are already convinced that the work is very good, that is, the title of the South American is fundamental and very important for us, but it is not a guide for the work that is being done here,” said the top hat.

Carlos Belmonte also guaranteed that both he and other members of the tricolor dome do not intend to remove Rogério Ceni from the team’s technical command. Therefore, the coach would remain in office until December 31, 2023.

“We believe in what is being done. And many will say, ‘ah, but there’s the result’. The result is clear to us. We are in the South American final and in the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil. of the Paulista Championship”, clarified the manager.

Another point that was addressed in the tricolor coach’s press conference was the delay in paying the athletes’ image rights. Belmonte was also questioned and explained when payments should take place.

“We have open image rights for two athletes. One of them should have been paid by August 31 and the other by the end of July. We will make the payment later this month”, pointed out the football director. The money will come from the sales of Casemiro and Antony to Manchester United (ING).

Beside him, Rui Costa, Julio Casares and Muricy Ramalho talked about these financial issues with the athletes of the tricolor cast. The expectation is that not only debts related to image rights will be paid, but also other debts that are outstanding. These are the cases of Reinaldo and Luciano.

“There are some gloves for athletes, like those from Arboleda’s renewal. From the younger boys, practically all of us pay, but there are also those from Léo’s renewal”, added Carlos Belmonte.

Although the receipt of amounts is in installments, the top hat considers that with the first amount into account it will already be possible to zero the debts or come close to it.

“We are also convinced that by the end of this year we will have nothing more, but much more than that, we think that by mid-October we will have practically zero debts and it will be a ball forward”, declared Belmonte in a tone of optimism. .

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