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Andressa Urach and her eldest son still haven’t resolved the pending issues

Andressa Urach spoke about her current relationship with her son
© Reproduction/Instagram/@andressaurachoficialAndressa Urach spoke about her current relationship with her son

Andressa Urach live a difficult relationship with the eldest son, 17 years old. The young person is emancipated by the influencer and for that reason, she cannot take the attitudes she would like with the first-born. This Monday (12), the creator of contents returned to social networks in tears and declared that she misses the boy immensely.

According to information from the Contigo portal, the boy claimed that his mother is a religious fanatic and allegedly accused her of having deleted the videos on the internet. Youtube. in the lines, Andressa show repentance in having emancipated the boy and that if he could, he would fight with the police and make a shack to get the young man back home.

I didn’t talk to Arthur because he blocked me on social networks. I’m his mother, I love him and I’m waiting for him to come home. The day he regrets it and comes home, I’ll be here with open arms, with his barbershop ready for him to work.“, she began. “I’m worried, but it was the choice he made. Don’t emancipate your children, here’s the tip. But I have hope“., he reiterated.

He’s a minor, he’s 17 [anos]. If I hadn’t emancipated, I would have gone with the police to get him. He’s my son and he knows I would do the shack. I love my son. Everything I’ve done in my life has been thinking about his future, for him and for him, and he knows it. I love Arthur more than my life. The last few months have been very difficult because I have a problem with rejection. I just didn’t hit rock bottom because Jesus helped me“, she lamented.

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