Blocked! Mommy Elephant Stops Baby From Approaching Tourists

A mother elephant didn’t hesitate when she realized her calf was walking towards a group of tourists. Immediately, she threw her trunk in front of the “little big guy” to stop the path.

The maternal gesture was shared on a Twitter profile maintained by a Dutch nature lover. Watch below!

“Elephant mother prevents her son from approaching tourists,” reads the caption of the post.

The caption in the lower right corner of the image indicates that the scene took place in the Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa.

The act triggered a series of reactions among viewers of the content, as well as criticism of human behavior.

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“So sweet and caring”, praised one netizen, “it reminds me of when my son was little, he would try to run to people to say ‘hi’ and I would make a big ‘hook’ to stop him”.

“They have an instinct to avoid people. But I think poaching has made this much more common,” said another. “This, in fact, is our fault.”

The mother elephant then kicked the calf of another family. Check out!

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