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A Blue Origin rocket crashed about a minute after taking off on Monday (12) in Texas, southern United States. The capsule was unmanned and there were no injuries, according to the space transport company created by Jeff Bezos.

“The thrust mechanism failed during today’s unmanned flight,” Blue Origin announced on its website.

The company added that the escape system created for the capsule to be ejected in situations like this worked as expected.

A company video shows the moment when the rocket’s flames increase and the capsule crash lands. The images do not show the remains of the rocket after the crash.

Blue Origin rocket failure in launch held this Monday (12) – Photo: Reproduction / Blue Origin

The incident happened near the time when the rocket was under the maximum amount of pressure, also known as “Max-Q”. The rover was flying at 1,126 km/h at an altitude of about 8,500 meters. After being ejected, the capsule still reached an altitude of 11,300 meters.

The launch was part of the NS-23 unmanned mission, which carried loads of educational institutions and students around the world. The idea was to expose the items to a few minutes of zero gravity.

Initially, the plan was for the flight to take place on August 31, but it was delayed three times due to weather conditions.

Blue Origin has promised to offer more information about Monday’s flight as it becomes available.

Because of the accident, the company’s rockets will not be able to take off until an investigation is completed, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said.

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