Boninho detonates Dua Lipa: ‘Every Rock in Rio has to have a piti of a star’

the show of Dua Lipa drew applause from the audience Rock in Rio 2022 this Sunday (11). However, the singer who made the last performance of the festivalmanaged to take the patience of the cute. That’s because he considered the demands made by her unreasonable.

“Every Rock in Rio has to have a star piti and this year the award went to Dua Lipa. She asked that her presentation at Multishow have a delay, 30 minutes delay. What for? These guys who broadcast are top! Deserves respect. Oh! There is no time to change anything,” she began.

“Another annoying thing is this obligation of not showing the stage between the songs of the @DUALIPA show! It cools the mood a lot for those who are at home!”, continued the Big Boss.

In the end, the director seemed to soften the criticism. “To finish this @DUALIPA vibe… she’s hot, she sings a lot, this feat with @Eltonofifcial Cold Heart is amazing! The fault is, of course, the businessman’s bag! Imagine if she would think about that! Anyway, he did very well on the show”, he concluded.

The pinpricks left the followers divided. “Cute, stop pleasing the fans, she gave a shit! But the show was good despite the playbacks for those who were watching from home, lacked interaction with the public, but it is young and still has a lot to learn for a Laugh. Congratulations on the broadcast, you guys were awesome!”, replied one user.

“Nice job? Her show has nothing to do with it! It’s the trivial. Beans with rice… Very fresh!”, said a follower. “I should have taken Manu Gavassi to dance a tamborzinho, right?”, joked another, referring to the choreography that the participant did with the song “Don’t Start Now” on BBB20.

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