CAC murders ex-wife and 2-year-old son in front of school in SP

CAC murders ex and son in São Paulo - Photo: Reproduction / Security Camera

CAC murders ex and son in São Paulo – Photo: Reproduction / Security Camera

  • CAC murders ex-wife and 2-year-old son in front of the school where the child studied

  • The couple’s eldest son, 5, was also in the car but was not hit.

  • Man said woman hit him, but family denied the criminal

A 39-year-old man shot and killed his ex-wife and his 2-year-old son last Monday (12), in front of the school where the child studied at East Zone of São Paulo.

A security camera on Avenida Rodolfo Pirani, in Parque São Rafael, recorded in images the moment in which Ezequiel Lemos Ramos chased and repeatedly shot the white Fiat Uno in which Michelli Nicolich, 37, and the couple’s two children, of 2 and 5 years.

After being shot, the woman lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pole. Ezekiel followed the vehicle on foot, approached and fired again.

The images show that the criminal was with a carbine. According to information from the Civil Police, the man has a certificate of collector of weapons, marksman and hunter (CAC).

A witness reported that Ezequiel set an ambush for Michelli. He was in his car, a gray Fiat Mobi, and was waiting for his ex-wife to show up to pick up the children from The Lion King school.

With her two children already in the car, when she was preparing to leave the place, the woman was shot. The shots also hit the youngest child. Both were rescued and taken to a hospital in the region, but did not survive. The eldest son was not shot and survived.

Criminal’s arrest

Also according to a person who witnessed the crime, after shooting at the car, Ezequiel would have “take off his shirt” and said: “You can call the police to arrest me in the act”.

An off-duty military policeman, who was passing by, arrested the killer and took him to the 49th DP (São Mateus), where he was indicted for the crimes of double murder qualified by femicide and ambush and attempted murder.

The delegate responsible for the case, Leandro Resende Rangel, told g1 that Ezequiel was “bewildered” at the time of the arrest. In testimony, the boy said that he killed Michelli because of an alleged coup, which would have given him a loss of R$ 70 thousand.

Also to g1, a brother of the victim denied the criminal. He assured that the victim had been persecuted, assaulted and threatened by her husband since the end of the relationship, even taking the children to Ponta Porã, in the Mato Grosso do Sulto live for five years.

The case is still being investigated by the police, who are also working to find the weapon used by Ezequiel in the crime. He claimed to have left the carbine inside his ex-wife’s car, but a witness saw the moment when another boy appeared and took it. It is not known whether this was a theft or an accomplice acting to help Ezekiel.

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