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“To the queen. Thank you for doing all the wonderful things for us. I miss you so much. I’m so glad my mom just told me I’m going to her house. Please read this letter in heaven.”

Zachary Hameed was one of thousands of people who have been depositing cards with flowers on the bars of Buckingham Palace since last Thursday (8), when Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – the latter, by the way, like others connected with it. to the royal family, like the one in Windsor, it has also been a place for such tributes.

Judging by what could be read this Sunday (11), most of the notes were written by children, who took the opportunity to draw the queen with her dogs or her golden castle.

“Dear Queen Elizabeth, I hope you are having a LOT of fun in heaven and on Earth. I would like to thank you for being our queen for an amazing 70 years. God be with you,” Alexandra Adanenko wrote.

The sunny afternoon sent thousands of people rushing to Buckingham, and at one point, the line to get through the palace’s outer gates lasted no less than three and a half hours, according to security personnel.

“I love you queen. I love you daddy.” This was apocryphal.

So much love, however, has somehow been worrying, not to mention bothering, the authorities. “In the interests of sustainability, we ask that visitors leave only organic or compostable material,” said the Royal Parks, the institution responsible for maintaining the green, in a statement.

“Thank you queen! We are all human and we all make mistakes. You worked hard to make them as little as possible,” wrote a likely adult, unsigned.

Royal Parks was mainly referring to the plastics that surround the flowers, but as recorded by Sheetperhaps 99% of the bouquets left there kept the terrible inorganic envelope.

“You were a queen of hearts who dedicated her entire life to serving this country with her heart”, noted Angelica de Castro.

But there are other dangerous items: teddy bears — specifically Paddington Bear, the star of English children’s literature who made an appearance alongside the Queen in the opening video for the Platinum Jubilee in June this year.

In the movie, they play together having tea and Paddington, the bear, shows the loaf of bread sandwich with marmalade that he carries in his fanny pack, “for emergencies”. To which the queen says: “Me too. I keep mine here [abre a bolsa e tira o sanduíche]. For later”, and smiles.

“Now you can share your marmalade sandwich with Prince Philip, who is waiting for you in heaven,” suggested one card.

And lo and behold, there, under the tree in the park around Buckingham Palace, was a real sandwich, loaf of bread with marmalade, carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and with a yellow note on top: ‘Your Majesty, ‘for later. ‘. Love, Robyn.”

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