coffin was manufactured 30 years ago and is made with lead

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by thousands of people in the funeral procession honoring the monarch, was manufactured more than 30 years ago and made of English oak and lined with lead.

The public will not be able to see the queen’s face, as the coffin will be closed and covered with the flag and royal insignia.

English oak and lead

According to The Times, the dead queen’s coffin is made of English oak and is lined in lead, like that of her husband, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021.

The London funeral company Leverton and Sons, responsible for the royal funeral, explained to the British newspaper four years ago that it did not know when or who produced the two coffins, which were given to them when they started working in 1991 for the royal family.

“It’s from English oak, which is very hard to find” and very expensive, explained his manager Andrew Leverton at the time.

O lead lining makes the coffin airtightas it will be placed in a chamber and not buried.

At brass handles are specifically designed for real coffinsas well as the cap, which bears the insignia of the monarchy.

“It’s not something that can be done in a day,” Leverton told The Times.

royal insignia

After being displayed in Edinburgh, the coffin will be transported to London on Tuesday night (13). The next day, will be placed on a catafalque covered in purplein the Palace of Westminster, and guarded by guards.

The royal standard, the emblem of the monarchy that was traditionally raised over Buckingham, Sandrigham or Windsor when the Queen was present, will cover her coffin.

Also the scepter and the orb will be placed in the coffina terrestrial globe with a cross symbolizing the Christian world on top.

oak - Jeff J Mitchell / Team via getty - Jeff J Mitchell / Team via getty

Queen Elizabeth’s Body Carried In Oak Coffin

Image: Jeff J Mitchell / Team via getty

Queen Elizabeth II’s body leaves in procession

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