Constantino criticizes the TSE’s position on the investigation of the Armed Forces: ‘Why are they afraid?’

Commentators from Jovem Pan’s 3 in 1 program echoed the TSE’s note on the counting of votes for the 2022 elections

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TSE informed that the Armed Forces will not have “differentiated access” in monitoring the vote count in the 2022 elections

O Superior Electoral Court (TSE) released a press release this Monday, 12, to emphasize that the Armed forces will not have “differentiated access” in monitoring the counting of votes in the 2022 elections. The position refers to the news that the Army’s Cyber ​​Defense Command would carry out a parallel investigation by checking 385 electronic ballot boxes. According to the agency, “there was no change to what was defined in the first semester, nor any agreement with the Armed Forces or inspection entities to allow differentiated access in real time to the data sent for the totalization of the electoral process by the TREs, whose accomplishment is constitutional competence. gives electoral justice“. The subject was the subject of the program 3 in 1gives Young panthis Monday, 12.

the commentator Rodrigo Constantino criticized the TSE’s position and questioned why the body feared transparency. “Today I woke up to this happy news. I think the Armed Forces can do what they can. It will never address the heart of the matter. This model we have is not auditable. It is an opaque, centralized process and the crux of the matter lies in the non-materialization of the vote and the non-possibility of public verification. There is nothing that the Armed Forces can do to solve this. But it’s obvious that those higher up, perhaps getting a parallel count in some random urns, generates discomfort for eventual scammers from within the system, which has always been my biggest fear. Hacking is something that scares me much less than insiders. But throughout the day it was denied. And not even that the TSE gang wants to give the Armed Forces. Why are they so afraid of more transparency?”, he commented.

Check out the entire program 3 in 1, from Jovem Pan, this Monday, 12:

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