Deodorant challenge could pose serious health risks and even kill

Have you heard of the deodorant challenge? This is a trend that has spread through social networks, in which the person needs to inhale as much aerosol as possible. However, the practice is considered dangerous, offering serious health risks, and has even claimed victims.

Last month, ten-year-old João Victor Santos was found by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) in Belo Horizonte, dead with cardiorespiratory arrest after inhaling deodorant. The case sparked an alert among experts.

Based on this, we spoke with Soraya Cordero, a pulmonologist at Hospital Santa Paula, to understand the dangers of inhaling an aerosol deodorant and how adhering to this type of challenge can be harmful.

According to the expert, breathing in these toxic fumes can cause a feeling of euphoria that lasts about 15 to 45 minutes, which can make some users resort to using it. “These inhaled substances can generate risks of cardiac arrhythmia and changes in the central nervous system, such as headaches, dizziness, hallucinations, slurred speech”, explains Soraya.

In addition, the person may also have respiratory symptoms, such as shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing and risk of allergic reaction, such as edema of the glottis, where the throat “closes”, compromising the entry of air and causing asphyxia.

What are the dangers of inhaling deodorant?

Expert highlights dangers of deodorant challenge (Image: AtlasComposer/Envato)

If this challenge is done several times, the danger is even greater. “Long-term inhalation of deodorant can cause several damages, since butane gas, one of the main components of deodorant, easily passes through the bloodstream, where it dissolves in tissues with a high content of fat, such as the nervous system, tissue fat, liver and kidneys”, observes the pulmonologist.

In this way, it can cause lung damage with the possibility of future respiratory disease, such as asthma, risk of liver or kidney damage, in addition to possible permanent brain damage, hearing loss and coordination problems.

In any case, symptoms may vary according to patients, dose and time the product was inhaled. The specialist advises that, if the child or adolescent presents a complaint, the ideal is to refer him to the emergency room for medical evaluation, investigation of possible complications and, in these cases, keep him under clinical observation.

In addition, there is a long list of household products that can cause problems from inhalation, such as nail polish remover, shoe polish, cooking spray, markers and glue.

Can Inhaling Deodorant Kill You?

According to the pulmonologist, the inhalation of deodorants performed in this challenge can indeed lead to death — since the product contains substances such as ether, alcohol, aluminum and gases, with butane being one of the main gases in its composition.

“The inhaled substance is sent to the lungs, an extremely vascularized organ. Butane gas easily falls into the bloodstream, competing with oxygen, preventing adequate exchange, causing hypoxia, which is the absence of oxygen in the tissues, and can reach the heart”, concludes Soraya, highlighting the dangerous potential of the deodorant challenge.

Source: With information from Estadão

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