Elizabeth II: How mourning the Queen’s death brought Princes William and Harry back together

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Catherine, William, Harry and Meghan


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The couples took an unexpected walk together in Windsor

With their respective wives Kate and Meghan, they greeted people waiting outside Windsor Castle – something that seemed unthinkable last week when Harry and his wife returned to the UK.

Until then, what was talked about was feuds and insurmountable differences between couples. It was said that they were staying in nearby houses on the Windsor estate, but that they were affectionately many miles apart. The couples had not been seen together in public for over two years.

That all changed on Thursday (09/08). If William and Harry weren’t planning to see each other, they were brought together in an unexpected way.

It seems like a long time ago, but as the news about the queen got worse, and the country checked for cellphone updates, the two brothers were hastily traveling to Balmoral, Scotland.

Some families can fall apart when there is a loss. Feelings are heightened and on edge. It is not uncommon for old disagreements to surface because of the pain of grief.

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Prince Harry received flowers from the crowd

But losing a loved one can also foster unity, put things in perspective, and put differences aside. It might be a time for us to get closer.

Of course, from the outside, no one who watches TV footage really knows what’s going on. Was it just a show? Were they instructed to send this positive message?

William and Harry already faced an immeasurable sense of loss when they were very young, with the death of their mother Diana.

Audiences who were waiting to pay their respects to the grieving royal family were clearly thrilled at the idea of ​​seeing William, Kate, Harry and Meghan appear together. For a few minutes at least, the famous royal quartet was back. And in line with public opinion.

According to royal sources, it was Prince William who extended the invitation to Prince Harry and Meghan for this walk.

Even though this is a moment of union, there is no disguising that this is also a moment of great divergence. The brothers have completely different paths in their lives.

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William, now Prince of Wales, is on a different trajectory than his brother.

Upon the queen’s death, William became heir to the throne. He is well aware of what lies ahead now. He gained a new and much more important status than his brother.

William is now Prince of Wales, as they both used to call their father until last week — that must seem strange enough in itself.

It is likely that the king and Camilla, now queen consort, and William and Kate are a core, almost a separate unit, at the heart of the monarchy. It was this foursome that often appeared together when Charles was replacing his mother.

Prince Harry is on a very different trajectory, living with Meghan and her new family in California, with media, charity and campaign ventures. They are creating a post-royal life of their own, although they are still part of the royal family. They generate enormous public interest, not always positive, and seem to live with a media hurricane hovering over them.

Even among the most carefully choreographed steps of public mourning, there are still families and people falling out and making amends.

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