Extra payments RELEASED in September and THIS group of workers can withdraw

THE Federal Savings Bank will initiate another extra payment of the FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund). This month, the withdrawals made available from the fund are related to the birthday withdrawal modality.

Withdrawal is optional. Therefore, only workers who have joined the benefit can redeem this month’s benefit.

How does the FGTS birthday withdrawal work?

The birthday loot FGTS is released monthly to workers who have joined the modality. Beneficiaries redeem the benefit in the month of their birthday.

It is important to note that the amount to be redeemed varies according to the balance available in the worker’s fund account. Ex.:

  • Workers who have values ​​between R$500.01 and R$1,000.00 can withdraw up to 40% of the value: and earn an additional R$40;
  • Workers who have amounts between R$10,000.01 and R$15,000.00 can withdraw up to 15%: with an additional R$1,150;
  • The worker who has a value above BRL 20,000.01: can withdraw 5% plus an additional BRL 2,900.

FGTS withdrawal amount in SEPTEMBER?

As previously mentioned, the FGTS withdrawal will depend on the amount available in the fund’s account. So check the proportions in the table:

Balance ranges in BRLwithdrawal percentageadditional installment
Up to BRL 500.0050%_
From BRL 500.01 to BRL 1,000.0040%BRL 50
From BRL 1,000.01 to BRL 5,000.0030%BRL 150
BRL 5,000.01 to BRL 10,000.0020%BRL 650
BRL 10,000.01 to BRL 15,000.0015%BRL 1,150
BRL 15,000.01 to BRL 20,000.0010%BRL 1,900
Above 20,000.015%BRL 2,900

How to apply for the birthday withdrawal?

The worker can join the birthday loot through the application FGTSavailable for download on Android and iOS devices.

Here’s how to perform the procedure in a simple way:

  1. First, download the app on your mobile;
  2. Also, open it and click on “My FGTS”;
  3. Choose the alternative “Anniversary Withdrawal”;
  4. Read the terms and conditions;
  5. Finally, if you agree, select “Join the Anniversary Withdrawal”.

Can I cash out if I am fired?

The adhesion to the birthday loot brings some changes regarding the worker’s rights in the face of dismissal. Check the information below:

  • Worker who adhered to the FGTS birthday withdrawal: being able to withdraw only the amount referring to the termination fine. The balance of the termination of the contract is not transferred, since another option has been adhered to.
  • Worker who is in the standard FGTS modality (withdrawal-termination): when dismissed without just cause, he is entitled to full withdrawal from the FGTS account, including the termination fine.

Who can join the birthday loot?

To join the FGTS withdrawal, you must meet the following requirements:

  • First, be over 18 years old;
  • Have a checking or savings account at Caixa;
  • Have enough balance in FGTS;
  • Having the CPF in good standing with the Federal Revenue;
  • Finally, being compliant with Caixa or using the credit resource to pay the debt

Can I withdraw the withdrawal?

First, it is important to note that any worker who opts for the FGTS anniversary withdrawal may request a return to the standard withdrawal, that is, the withdrawal withdrawal. For this, just use the official application of the Guarantee Fund.

Therefore, to carry out the withdrawal, the worker cannot have a contracted advance operation.

In addition, it is important to note that the return to standard withdrawal will not happen immediately. According to the law, the change will only take effect from the first day of the 25th month after the date of the return request.

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