Filipe Barros registers a report for assaults in Londrina

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Filipe Barros went to the Federal Police to present videos and identify aggressors.
Filipe Barros went to the Federal Police to present videos and identify aggressors.| Photo: reproduction

the federal deputy Filipe Barros (PL), candidate for reelection, filed a report with the Federal Police of Paraná, this Monday (12), about the attacks he and his team suffered last Saturday, in the vicinity of Estádio do Café, in Londrina, after game of Londrina Esporte Clube for the Brazilian Series B. The deputy filmed the moment when, during a leafleting at the end of the game, he, family members, and members of his team were harassed and attacked by fans who wore the uniform of the Falange Azul organized crowd.

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“A small group of PT members attacked me, my team, my uncle and my nephew. This Monday, I registered a police report, passed all the images we have and the identification of some of the elements that participated in the act of violence through their social networks”, informed the deputy, one of the main supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro ( PL) in Paraná.

Barros also informed that, due to the incident, he suspended his campaign activities on Monday. “We suspended campaign activities so that we could put the house in order and assist my team. A good part of the team is still scared, they don’t want to go to the street, afraid of new attacks, so we took a break from the campaign to take the appropriate measures. This will be investigated and those responsible punished,” he said.

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