flowers, tents, barbecue and more prohibited items

The public will be able to attend the wake of Queen Elizabeth II in London, but must follow strict rules. The list of items prohibited at the ceremony, released by the British government, includes camping tents, barbecue items and even flowers or stuffed animals.

The bans extend to the queue to enter the Palace of Westminster, where the queen’s coffin will be exposed day and night for 4 days from today. According to the Daily Mirror, the government expects around 750,000 people to spend up to 30 hours in line.

In the list of rules for those who want to pay their respects to the monarch, the government warns: “Please be aware that the line will be very long. You will be on your feet for many hours, possibly overnight, with very few opportunities to sit down as the line will be moving. Please consider this before deciding to attend or bring children”.

The government also says that security procedures will be similar to those applied at airports. The dimensions of backpacks, for example, cannot be larger than 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm. Any bag larger than that must be kept in a separate space, and the government says it is not responsible for items left there.

The report also specifies that, in the queue, it is forbidden to set up tents and have barbecues. The public must bring their own food and drink, which must be consumed before entering the venue. Only clear, empty bottles will be allowed in the Palace of Westminster. In addition, it is forbidden to save a place in the queue and photograph the security area or the palace.

The government also issued guidelines on how the public should behave at the venue: “Please respect the dignity of this event and behave appropriately. You must remain silent inside the Palace of Westminster.”

“Dress appropriately for the occasion to pay tribute at the wake. Do not wear clothes with political or offensive phrases,” the report said.

The public will also not be able to bring common items to wakes, such as candles, stuffed animals and photographs. Those who want to honor the queen with flowers can leave them in Green Park, which is about a kilometer from the Palace of Westminster.

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