Globo cuts castration, and Tenório rapes Alcides

Alcides will be raped by Tenório in Pantanal.

Bruno Luperi left out one of the most emblematic scenes of the first version of wetland and changed the course of revenge involving tenorio (Murilo Benicio) and Alcides (Juliano Cazarre). The grileiro is not going to castrate the pawn who got involved with his wife in the nine o’clock soap opera Globe. He will rape the lover of Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira).

According to information from TV News, the villain will manage to kidnap the two and will torture them in a tapera that is on the lands of José Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira) in wetland. First, he will send bruaca letting go of her hair to have sex with her in front of Alcideswhich will be tied.

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Maria Bruaca will beg not to be raped and the character of Juliano Cazarre will start cursing the cuckold rival in wetland.

tenorio will take the enemy to a small room and warn him that he is going to cover him so he can stay “quiet”. bruaca will scream for tenorio don’t kill the pawn and say you love Alcides. the father of Roberto (Cauê Campos) will mock his ex-wife and point out that he will do something much worse than killing his rival.

Pantanal – Alcides is filled with disgust after being ‘capado’ by Tenório: “It made me weak”

Pantanal - Irma (Camila Morgado) gives birth with the help of Trindade (Gabriel Sater) and the baby is born with macabre laughter (Photo: Reproduction / Globo / Montage TV Foco)

Pantanal – Irma gives birth with the help of Trindade and baby is born with macabre laughter

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tenorio close the bedroom door. Maria will crawl to the place, trying to spy what is going on inside through the cracks. She will only be able to try to reconstruct what happens in the closed room by the noises of Alcides struggling.

The terrifying scene will be transmitted from the eyes of Maria, which will panic. The cries of pain and suffering of Alcides they will overflow through the tapera and scatter through the night.

“As the camera moves away, their screams fade away until only the sounds of the night’s mouth can be heard. What is going on in that tapera, perhaps, we will never know”he wrote Bruno Luperi who makes the adaptation of the remake in the script of the scene delivered to the cast.

Psycho, tenorio will open the door and make fun of Alcides for Maria. Worse than the torture marks on your body will be the psychological scars that this night will leave for the couple in wetland.

Pantanal – Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) is filled with disgust after being ‘capado’ by Tenório (Murilo Benício): “It made me a slacker” (Photo: Reproduction / Globo / TV Foco montage)


tenorio will tell Mariawhich will still be tied up, for her to collect what was left of the “her man”, since it won’t be of much use anymore. the mother of gutta (Julia Dalavia) will crawl close to her beloved. But Alcides will react, full of pain and shame for the punishment he will have received from the villain of the nine o’clock soap opera. Globe.

He won’t have the courage to tell Maria what happened, and the viewer will only understand that the character was not covered with the airing of the following chapters. “He broke up with me, Maria!” the people from Paraná will vent, out of their minds.

The ex-kettle will point out that he’s still alive, and the big guy will freak out for good. “I live, but I’m no good for anything else! What’s the use of staying with a dead man inside?”will claim the wronged.

“I’ll be content only with your kisses. With your affection”will answer the ex-housewife. “Until when? You have your fire, Maria. The damn thing erased mine. He killed me inside. He made me weak. A flozo. And I’m going to kill him for it. That, for that, I’m still a man!” will threaten Alcides.

“Do not do that”will beg Maria. “I will make! And you’re free to find another man who wants you as much as I want you.”will fire the character of Julian Cazarre.

only at the end of wetland, Alcides have the courage to say Maria what happened, that he was actually raped and will make her promise never to tell anyone. Distraught over her lover’s depression, she will open up with Phylum (Dira Paes), who will say that José Leoncio needs to know everything, since the crime took place on his land.

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