Globo journalist canceled after criticizing Coldplay concert

Ana Thaís Matos, sports commentator for Globo, was canceled on social media after speaking ill of the band Coldplay, one of the sensations of Rock in Rio 2022. In her profile on a short message social network, the journalist wrote: “Shocked that people really like Coldplay in 2022. I thought it was a meme.” The statement was enough for the professional to receive a barrage of criticism.

“Man, I’m boring, but Ana Thais goes beyond all limits. Any sign of happiness she is against,” wrote a profile on the social network. “It’s official: Ana Thais Matos is the most boring person in the world”, said another person. After being detonated, Ana questioned the criticism. “The person offends someone and when their offense is questioned, other people think the questioning is wrong. Uh, let the person keep offending you there, hey,” she said.

Recently, public surveys showed that journalist Ana Thaís Matos is the favorite among the most popular classes and among women who follow football on Globo on open TV. By the way, she is the main inspiration for the success of the channel’s initiative to hire new commentators. In addition to Ana Thaís Matos, the audience leader currently has names such as Renata Mendonça, Fernanda Colombo, Fabíola Andrade, Natália Lara and Renata Silveira.

In July, the journalist used social media to praise and celebrate the number of women on the Esporte Espetacular team. In television, operational positions tend to be mostly male in most stations in the country. “Esporte Espetacular de São Paulo was like this today… Cameraman, audio, presenter, editor and commentator. All mastered,” she wrote. At the beginning of the year, Globo signaled to the advertising market its desire to open up more space for women in the broadcaster’s Sport. Having more and more women in football is a goal set by Joana Thimoteo, director of sports rights at Globo. She was primarily responsible for the audience leader to hire the professionals.

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