Glove de Pedreiro deletes videos and announces the end of influencer career

The influencer Iran Ferreira, the Mason’s Glove, surprised fans on Tuesday, 13, by announcing that he will stop recording videos. The young man from Quijingue-BA deleted all old publications and posted a statement on his Instagram account, where he has more than 18 million followers.

“Speak up, my troop! Everyone thought I was hacked, but I wasn’t hacked. I deleted the videos anyway. I stopped. (I’m going to) live my normal, quiet life. The team I’m on, are the best in the world, all good people. But that was my decision to stop. And the brands that I’m working on, I’m going to do the work that I’ve closed. I’m going to complete the work that I’ve closed with the brands, but after that, I’m not going to make videos anymore”, said Luva de Mason in video speech.

In June, Iran had already made a statement saying that he would take a break from his career. At the time, Luva vented against former manager Allan de Jesus.

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“A hug for you there. These days I don’t post a video. I’m going to stay there for a while… Are you on? Without posting a video. I’m going to cool my head, man! They keep bothering the guy. p… it’s alone,” he said.

Fight with ex-manager

The differences between Luva de Pedreiro and Allan de Jesus resulted in a legal fight. The influencer broke up with the businessman and was managed by former futsal player Falcão.

Due to the breach of contract, the court ordered Luva to pay R$5.2 million to Alan de Jesus in installments. Every month, Iran pays 30% of your earnings until you reach the final amount.

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