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The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released the audio of the analysis made by the video assistant referee in Flamengo’s goal against Goiás, last Sunday. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

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See the VAR analysis for Goiás 1 x 1 Flamengo bid, for the Brasileirão 2022

See the VAR analysis for Goiás 1 x 1 Flamengo bid, for the Brasileirão 2022

Goiás was winning by 1 to 0 when Matheus França equalized for Flamengo in the 38th minute of the second half after a corner kick. In the first moment, the referee Ramon Abatti called the attacker’s foul on the goalkeeper Tadeu. After being guided by VAR, however, he reversed the decision and validated the goal.

VAR: I don’t see a lack. He’s got the touch, and he doesn’t hold back. For me, he doesn’t have that touch on the goalkeeper’s arm. It was shoulder. I recommend you the review for possible no fault in the goalkeeper.

Referee: He deflects before, he doesn’t catch the ball. He doesn’t have possession of the ball, he doesn’t. The goal is cool.

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Goal by Matheus França in Goiás vs Flamengo — Photo: Heber Gomes/AGIF

The goal came after a corner kick by Arrascaeta. Léo Pereira shared high with goalkeeper Tadeu, and Matheus França pushed to the back of the net. The referee called the foul but, after the VAR review, was advised to view the play on the monitor. After the analysis, he confirmed the goal, which generated revolt from the emeralds. At Central do Apito, commentator Fernanda Colombo thought there was a foul in the bid. The Flamengo defender said he did not commit a foul.

– The impression was that after I touched the ball, if I’m not mistaken, his glove (Tadeu) touched my head. But I believe it was checked and in the bid you can see that I didn’t even bump into him. I headed it, I ended up inside the goal after the header. I think it was a normal move, VAR checked, saw that everything was right. We have to trust him, as we have been trusting.

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