Intel Raptor Lake runs at 6 GHz in stock and reaches 8 GHz in overclocking

And up to 15% better in single-thread performance, according to new information from Intel

A few days ago, we showed here that an Intel Core Raptor Lake CPU reached the 8 GHz mark in extreme overclocking, and now the Intel confirms that the 13th generation will reach this frequency with overclocking. Furthermore, the company claims that the Raptor Lake CPUs will hit 6 GHz in stock.

Despite the claim, which was made during the Intel Technology Tour 2022, it was not revealed which SKU would reach the 6 GHz frequency. On the other hand, by saying that the 13th generation of Intel Core CPUs reach 8 GHz, the company ended up confirming the leaked overclock mentioned above.

In its presentation, Intel also says that the next processors, operating at 6 GHz in stock configuration, will be the first in the world to reach a value of this level in this condition (stock), and also states that the overclock to 8 GHz is a record. world, which is not quite true, since there are several AMD FX CPUs that have passed this value.

Raptor Lake CPUs will be up to 15% better in single-thread

The event revealed news that cannot be released yet (under embargo), but the person responsible for the presentation, Isic Silas, an Intel executive, said that Raptor Lake CPUs only exist, because there was no time to prepare the 14th generation, Meteor Lake, in time, second Ian Cutressa market analyst who was at the event.

According to Intel’s presentation, the next generation Raptor Lake will have 15% more single-thread performanceand this value increases to 41% when it comes to multi-threading. These numbers are based on the SPECint207 benchmark.

Intel’s leaked information shows us that part of the 13th Gen Intel Core SKUs should use die Alder Lake. According to the leak, CPUs below the i5-13600K will be based on the configurations present in current 12th-gen processors.

The new architecture, which will have Raptor Lake performance cores as one of the main differentials, in addition to more cache memory, will be present in the most enthusiast CPUs, such as the different Core i7 and i9 SKUs, in addition to the aforementioned i5-13600K.

There is still no official date for the launch of Raptor Lake processors, but it is expected to happen on September 27th.

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