Is it possible to sell your benefit card to friends?

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Food stamps, also called VA, is a benefit that many workers receive from their companies, giving them the possibility to buy food at accredited restaurants or supermarkets. Thus, it is a form of benefit that makes the worker spend a smaller part of his salary (or no part, if possible) on food. However, what if the worker decides to sell this voucher to a friend, for example, is this possible?

Is it possible to sell your food stamps? check the answer

First, it is necessary to say that, recently, the government approved new rules for access to food stamps. That way, you can only use the value for the purchase of food (in supermarkets) or ready meals. In addition, companies that hold food vouchers or meal vouchers (RV) cannot grant discounts to their contractors.

Establishments, supermarkets and restaurants cannot apply higher or different prices for those who pay with the voucher. It is worth exactly the same as cash or a credit card. It is also not possible to restrict the accepted flags.

But what if you want to sell the food stamp, is this allowed? The answer is no. This is against the law, and can be considered a crime of embezzlement, determined by article 171 of the Penal Code. Also, if you sell your food stamps or food stamps to someone else, the company may fire you for cause. Which, in practice, means loss of rights such as withdrawal of the FGTS, unemployment insurance, a 40% fine on the value of the FGTS, among others.

Finally, workers caught selling their food stamps can still be imprisoned for up to 5 years, and are also required to pay a fine. Whoever bought the voucher, on the other hand, can also receive punishment, being accused of willful receipt. So don’t sell your food stamps, or buy from someone else!

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