“It’s impressive”; Called up to the national team, Pedro is compared to Lewandowski and once again Tite praises the Flamengo striker

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Pedro was called up for friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF |  Pedro
© 1904Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF | Pedro

Pedro is one of the sensations of this FIFA Date with the Brazilian National Team. The “novelty” of coach Tite, for the last friendly matches before the World Cup in Qatar, has been one of the most talked about topics when it comes to the national team and, during the program “Bem Amigos”, Galvão Bueno highlighted the evolution of the player and compared the red-black top scorer to the Polish ace, Robert Lewandowski.

For this reason, Tite has been lavishing praise on Flamengo’s forward and agreed with Galvão’s comparison. “I see it and Dorival Júnior also sees it (Pedro as our Lewandowski). When I was talking to him, I said: ‘His terminal move is impressive’. It follows any reasoning. His ability to score, to follow the players quickly, his technical ability. He is always the player of ‘it’s not strength, it’s a way'” – highlighted Tite, about Pedro’s finishing ability.

Pedro is the current top scorer of Libertadores with 12 goals in 12 games and one of the highlights of Brazilian football this season. But, despite the great phase, the athlete is not guaranteed in the World Cup and Tite highlighted that the player has different characteristics from his competitors for the spot in the World Cup. “Pedro is pivot. He is the endgame player. Don’t want him to transition in speed, but give him the ball, to shore up, for a backboard, a header, to pierce the defense of an opponent who plays with his ‘butt in the back'”, evaluated the coach who also cited the other ‘9 shirt’ of the Selection: “Rricharlison is 9, Gabriel Jesus is 9, Matheus Cunha is 9 and Pedro is 9. The four have characteristics that modify”.

The team led by Tite will face two friendlies this September, both will be played on French territory. The first duel will be against Ghana, on the 23rd, in Le Havre, at the Oceane Stadium. On the 27th, the friendly phase ends with the match against Tunisia, in Parc des Princes, home of PSG, in Paris.

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