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Kangaroo attacks are rare in Australia (photo: Getty Images)

An Australian died after being attacked by a kangaroo he kept as a pet, police said.

A relative found the 77-year-old man with serious injuries on Monday (12/09) at his home in Redmond, about 400 kilometers south of Perth.

When the paramedics arrived at the rural property, the kangaroo prevented them from attending to him.

The police were forced to shoot and kill the marsupial. The man died on the spot.

A police spokesperson told media that he believed the man had been attacked by the kangaroo — which is a wild animal — earlier in the day.

Australia is home to around 50 million kangaroos, which can weigh up to 90kg and grow to 2m in height.

But fatal attacks are rare – this is the first recorded in Australia since 1936.

Kangaroos have “many weapons” such as sharp teeth, claws and powerful legs, explained Graeme Coulson, kangaroo behavior expert, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Certainly, if they’re cornered or in some sort of distress, it can be quite dangerous,” Coulson said.

“The problem with kangaroos and people is that they are both upright animals, we stand, and an upright posture like that is a challenge for the male kangaroo.”

In July, a kangaroo left a 67-year-old woman with cuts and a broken leg after attacking her on a hike in Queensland.

And a three-year-old girl suffered serious head injuries during an attack in New South Wales in March.

Urban development across Australia is increasingly encroaching on wild kangaroo habitats.

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