Merval Pereira drops analysis ahead of time

posted on 09/13/2022 10:42

  (credit: Reproduction/Globo)

(credit: Reproduction/Globo)

Journalist Merval Pereira, from the newspaper The globe, “burned the start” and published an analysis of the Ipec survey, this Monday (12/9), before being officially released. As he had published, but then deleted, the situation is not at all favorable for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who appears behind Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the survey.

As the poll points out, Lula appears with 46% of voting intentions. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro reached 31% of the electorate. Ipec also outlined the scenario of an eventual second round. According to the survey, the PT would win the elections, with 53%, against 36% for the current president.

“Another frustration for Jair Bolsonaro, everything was left in the margin of error, more favorable to Lula, who again had a chance to win in the first round”, wrote Merval on social media, before the result was released.

He continued: “In the segments where Lula grew the most, as among women, Bolsonaro also grew. And the margin of error is greater. Therefore, slow changes, this time in favor of Lula.”

Tweets by Merval Pereira, before the release of the Ipec survey

Tweets by Merval Pereira, before the release of the Ipec survey
(photo: Playback/Twitter)

Some netizens managed to catch the error before it was deleted.

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