New IDEAL minimum wage is above the real and surprises Brazilians

The minimum wage is the benchmark for the remuneration of millions of workers across the country. According to the National Survey of the Basic Food Basket carried out by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese), the current value is well below what would be ideal.

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The monthly survey indicates the income necessary to guarantee all the needs of a family of four. Expenses with food, housing, health, education, clothing, hygiene, transport, leisure and social security are included.

In August, the ideal minimum wage was R$6,298.91, while the real remained at R$1,212 until December. In other words: Brazilians who live on one federal floor per month would have to earn about 5.2 times more to ensure a comfortable survival.

According to economist Marcelo Neri, from FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), very low wages “precarious work relations”, but the opposite also generates a similar effect “because of layoffs and informal work”.

search history

Dieese’s research calculates the ideal minimum wage for Brazilians every month since 1994. See the values ​​calculated in 2022:

MonthNominal minimum wageideal minimum wage
AugustBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,298.91
JulyBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,388.55
JuneBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,527.67
MayBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,535.40
AprilBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,754.33
MarchBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,394.76
FebruaryBRL 1,212.00BRL 6,012.18
JanuaryBRL 1,212.00BRL 5,997.14

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