Rape victim, indigenous girl wanted to be a police officer to ‘take revenge on evil’ – Interior

Teenager who confessed to crime would have tried to forge an alibi for the family not to suspect murder

A 13-year-old indigenous woman was still playing with dolls, but had already been raped.  (Photo: Personal archive)
A 13-year-old indigenous woman was still playing with dolls, but had already been raped. (Photo: Personal archive)

Aldineia Oliveira’s pain is still latent. The mother of the 13-year-old indigenous girl who was found dead after missing for days is not satisfied with the fact that she will never be able to see her daughter again. “I want justice done and he rots in jail. My daughter will never come back to me. He still goes back to his mother. May justice be as soon as possible. He is a monster,” she said in tears.

Aldineia said that her daughter never left the house, she still played with dolls and did not know the killer. Despite her young age, she had already been kidnapped and raped last year. “She dreamed of being a police officer. She said she wanted revenge on all the people who hurt her. I explained that this was not how it was supposed to feel. She even signed up for courses and asked her father to help pay for her studies. She was happy because we encouraged her.”

The girl left the house last Friday night (2) after receiving a cell phone message. A few hours later, when the teenager had already been strangled to death, the confessed murderer, a 17-year-old teenager from Aldeia Bororó, called the mother’s cell phone asking about the girl. “He said he made an appointment and she didn’t go,” she says.

The day after the crime, the teenager showed up at the family home on a motorcycle. “He came here at 1:30 pm and I was with my father and daughter. He arrived asking who was Ariane’s mother? He told me he liked her and wanted to date her. When I looked at him, I realized that there was something wrong, dirty nails, pants full of dirt, he seemed to be doped and drunk”, he recalls.

At the wake, the teenager's doll on top of the coffin.  (Photo: Arildo Terena)
At the wake, the teenager’s doll on top of the coffin. (Photo: Arildo Terena)

He even went to talk to Aldineia’s father, the chief of Aldeia Jaguapiru. “My father asked if he wasn’t lying? He was very cold. We asked him, if he was with her, to deliver it to us. If I had known then that he had killed my daughter, I would have knocked him down.”

The killer himself said he would help search for the girl. With no sign of the teenager, the mother went to the criminal’s house and he was drinking near the residence. “His mother denied it. Then the captain questioned him, and he also denied it. He said his cousin would be involved. He even made fun of my face.”

Yesterday (11), when the author was informed by a friend that the girl’s body had been found, she was packed with bags to flee to the Paraguayan border. “He smothered her because she didn’t want to date him. And he forced. My daughter was naked. With the shirt up and the pants off. He even threw the yellow coat over her face”, says the mother, angry with the scenes of the last few days.

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