Reserve in the first Grêmio of Renato, Lucas Leiva speaks after victory

Lucas Leiva

Credit: Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

Main reinforcement in the last transfer window for Grêmio, midfielder Lucas Leiva was initially on the bench in the first Grêmio assembled by Renato Portaluppi. The experienced player only entered the final stretch of the second half this Sunday to help hold the score. And it worked out with a 2×1 victory over Vasco da Gama in Serie B.

After the match, through his official social networks, Lucas Leiva said he was “proud” to be part of the team. In addition, he thanked the support of more than 50,000 fans who were in the stadium for this match:

“Crowded arena, important victory! Thank you for the support and congratulations to the whole group for the delivery, proud to be part of this team”, he wrote.

Renato talks about Lucas Leiva at Grêmio

In a press conference, Renato was asked about his plans for Lucas Leiva and valued the importance of the steering wheel experience in moments like this:

“It depends, I don’t like to improvise players. But today it was because we were short on attack pieces. Guilherme got tired at the end and I didn’t have many players to put there. And because of the pressure of the opponent, I tried to use more experienced players. I put Lucas more open to catch the left-back’s rise and closed the middle to not give chances to the opponent. I could have put a boy on, but at a time like this the more experienced ones know how to hold things on the field”, he commented.

Chance for Lucas on Friday?

A new chance for Lucas Leiva could be painting on Friday, 21:30, against Novorizontino, away from home. That’s because Bitello is suspended and Campaz has a grade II muscle injury detected.

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