Rock in Rio looks: photos and details of the style of Ludmilla, Dua Lipa, Iza, Ivete and more artists at the shows

O end of Rock in Rio on Sunday (11) left that taste of “I want more”. The music festival “delivered” in music and performances and also when it came to fashion.

Therefore, the purepeople gathered some curiosities about different looks that passed through the Mundo Stage, Sunset Stage and Espaço Favela. In addition, it also has a gallery with 35 photos of productions used by Dua Lipa, Ivete Sangalo, Iza, Camila Cabello, Avril Lavigne and several other names.

Iza wore a look with 80,000 hand-applied crystals

The third day of Rock in Rio had the Iza’s debut on the World Stage from Rock in Rio. The singer’s styling was signed by Bianca Jahara and the first look used by the artist had 80,000 crystals applied by hand.

The dress is by Atelier Silfar, who also signed the other 4 outfits worn by the carioca, the first black Brazilian artist to sing on the Mundo Stage. To get the dress ready, a team of 15 people worked on the piece for a month.

Demi Lovato’s outfit was made by a Brazilian stylist

Have you ever thought about being invited to produce the look of Demi Lovato at Rock in Rio? That’s what happened to the stylist from Espírito Santo Mayari Jubini. The vinyl set with metal applications was designed and made by the Brazilian, who had already dressed Demi for the show in São Paulo and for the project to promote the song ‘Skin Of My Teeth’.

“Her team left me very free to create. They sent a panel with the inspirations of the style she is following on the album and I did what I thought was most interesting. It’s a vinyl piece with several metal applications”, says the artist. Artemisi’s stylist to the newspaper “A Gazeta”.

Ludmilla’s neon outfit is a darling brand of international celebrities

O Ludmilla’s concert on the Sunset Stage it was one of the most commented on the last night of Rock in Rio and, among the artist’s costumes, the Neon set by Mugler stole the show. The French brand is the darling of national and international fashionista names and has sensuality as its trademark.

The set used by Lud costs around R$7,000 and is full of transparencies in the bust, waist and legs. Find out more details here!

Dua Lipa has several underlined pieces in show looks

Fashionista on and off the stage, Dua Lipa used several underlined pieces in her performance as Rock in Rio headliner. The green jumpsuit with built-in boots that she opened the show with, for example, is by Balenciaga.

And remember the Mugler, used by Ludmilla? The ‘space’ jumpsuit worn by the Brit is also from the brand. The piece, in fact, is an exclusive. It was made to measure by the Maison’s creative director, Casey Cadwallader.

Gabi Amarantos wanted to take Elza Soares to the stage in an exclusive look

Another outstanding performance of the Sunset Stage was held on Sunday (11) in a tribute to the singer Elza Soares. Gaby Amarantos, Larissa Luz, Mart’nália, Majur, Agnes Nunes and Caio Prado shared the stage in the show ‘Power! Elza Vive’.

A photo of Elza Soares drew attention to Gaby’s look, whose styling was signed by Rodrigo Polack. “When I idealized the look for this show, I thought of a way for Elza to be present with us. Bring her to this stage. It is a tribute to the queen”, says Gaby Amarantos about the dress created by Flayza Vieira and with a photo by Pedro Dimitrow, cover made by Rober Dognani and beauty by Camila Anac.

Lexa’s look was created by her 13-year-old sister

One of the highlights of Espaço Favela, unprecedented in the 2022 edition, was Lexa. In a previous interview, the singer revealed that the looks worn by her and her ballet were created by Wenny Isaher 13-year-old sister.

“All the looks are very fashionistas and will represent my new phase”, he told UOL. Lexa’s sister is also already an entrepreneur in the fashion business: her brand is called ‘WI My Beauty’. In the gallery below, you can check out these and other highlights of the looks that passed through the stages of Rock in Rio.

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