Samara Felippo opens up about motherhood: ‘I’m really a single mother’

Actress Samara Felippo, 43, claimed to be a single mother after a controversy with her ex-husband, Leandrinho, with whom she has two daughters, Alicia, 13, and Lara, 9.

In an interview with iG Gente, she did not go into details about her relationship with the former basketball player, but vented about the distance, since Leandrinho lives in the United States.

“When I say that I am a single mother, I am really a single mother. From the moment that a woman has almost 90% of the emotional, physical, routine, day-to-day responsibility for these children, even if she is married and live with a partner, she is very solo. So, I separated, but he lives abroad, so I’m a single mother, he can’t be here”, she said.

Samara separated the same year her youngest was born, in 2013, and said she tried not to pass the pain of divorce on to her daughters. “I separated with my daughter at 20 days, it was very painful. I managed to have this place to make them understand what it’s like to have a separated father and mother”, she said.

“This conversation came from when they were little. Lara, when she was born, I wasn’t even married anymore, so she grew up naturalizing that”, he added.

She also remembers that she repressed a lot before becoming a ‘free woman’. “Before, I repressed a lot of things in myself: this Samara who is at the party, playing a funk set, rolling around in her bathing suit, in fishnets, is a Samara that has always existed in me, but I was always ashamed to expose”, he said. .

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