see how many points Palmeiras needs to be champion

Palmeiras remains the leader of the Brasileirão.

Credit: Cesar Greco – Palmeiras

After being eliminated from the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, Palmeiras will focus only on the Brasileirão for the remainder of the season. In this way, despite the depression caused by the fall in the continental tournament, Abel Ferreira’s team beat Juventude and continued with a comfortable lead in the lead. Now, the difference to Internacional, who took second place, is eight points.

With 11 games left for the end of the Brasileirão, there is a possibility that Palmeiras, with 54 points, will be champion in advance. According to data from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, the São Paulo team needs to reach 81 points to fully guarantee the title, a mission that can be accomplished through Verdão’s good performance in the championship. So far, the first place has lost only two games it has played.

After a very hard blow three days ago, a victory was important. Having our supporter on our side is the biggest credit. It’s our fans that we have to listen to, the rest is noise. The noise we hear, and we respect our fans a lot. It was like that at the end of the game, because they recognized our effort, because the team gave what they could“, valued Abel Ferreira.

See below the score required for the Brasileirão trophy to be won.

  • 58 points: 0.002% championship title
  • 59 points: 0.020% championship title
  • 60 points: 0.128% championship title
  • 61 points: 0.591% championship title
  • 62 points: 1,953% championship title
  • 63 points: 5.171% championship title
  • 64 points: 11.164% championship title
  • 65 points: 20.549% championship title
  • 66 points: 32.788% championship title
  • 67 points: 46.800% championship title
  • 68 points: 60.745% championship title
  • 69 points: 73.168% championship title
  • 70 points: 83.018% championship title
  • 71 points: 90.026% championship title
  • 72 points: 94.630% championship title
  • 73 points: 97.319% championship title
  • 74 points: 98.781% championship title
  • 75 points: 99.479% championship title
  • 76 points: 99.812% championship title
  • 77 points: 99.934% championship title
  • 78 points: 99.981% championship title
  • 79 points: 99.994% championship title
  • 80 points: 99.999% championship title
  • 81 points: 100,000% championship title

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