Simone shows her nephew’s birthday party at Simaria’s house

Simone Mendes, 38, said she was at the house of Simaria Mendes, 40, tonight for her nephew Pawel’s 7th birthday party.

In Stories published on Instagram, the singer showed moments of the celebration and the older sister singing at the time of “congratulations”. “I’m here for Pawel’s birthday. Today he is 7 years old. I came in a rush, I was doing a publicity. I ran out, got rained and arrived here at Simaria’s house to celebrate Pawel’s birthday”, said Simone.

In the images, the artist showed part of the decoration inspired by the World Cup and the Brazilian team. “Football is in fashion, everyone likes a little football,” she said.

In August, Simone and Simaria announced the end of the duo and the beginning of their solo careers, after months of disagreements. All the scheduled shows will be performed by Simone and the sisters will go on a solo career, informed the duo’s advice.

“Out of respect for fans, friends and partners, Simone and Simaria officially communicate that the duo’s activities are over. The artists will continue, from now on, on a solo career. We reiterate that all concert commitments already contracted to date will be punctually fulfilled by Simone”, reads a statement.

I will temporarily step away from the stage to take care of my children and my vocal condition. I continue to fulfill my publicity commitments and plan the next steps in my artistic career. To our fans, all my affection, love and gratitude, you are my fuel to move forward

My desire to be on stage is immense and I need to do what I love! I will continue singing and taking all my joy and love to fans all over Brazil. Soon I’ll be back on stage and I count on your support, affection and energy in this new trajectory of mine

Simone shows decoration of the birthday party of her nephew, son of Simaria - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Simone shows decoration of her nephew’s birthday party, son of Simaria

Image: Playback/Instagram

Simone says that her nephew chose her birthday decoration for the World Cup and the Brazilian team - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Simone says that her nephew chose her birthday decoration for the World Cup and the Brazilian team

Image: Playback/Instagram

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