Sleeping badly? Here are 3 ways to cancel out bad energy before bed

Those who seek to follow their intuition and are sensitive to ambient vibrations may have difficulty sleeping. In this case, they need to neutralize what causes anxiety and racing thoughts. Associating the change of mentality with healthy habits, between the reduction of cell phone use, physical exercises and balanced diet, your body relaxes again.

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identify your problems

Try to identify what bothers you, putting on paper what needs to be done to solve all your complaints. Try to focus on the solution and find ways to see creative outlets, without losing hope. If you need to, turn to someone who can help you, but never stop trying to solve something as quickly as possible, breaking up the most difficult tasks.

Manifest your dream routine

When thinking about tomorrow, imagine your obligations in a positive light, trying to project the ideal day as if it had already happened. Review everything that will be accomplished, organizing the mind so that the moments are productive. Include rewards and remind yourself of the importance of self-care by setting aside a alone timein which you can reflect and learn to love yourself.

Thank you for the small victories

At the end of each day, notice new knowledge that has been gained and good feelings awakened. Give thanks optimistically for what was truly good, valuing good friendships, financial gains, and other opportunities. The less negativity you attribute to your experience, the lower the risks of sleeping poorly or even developing insomnia.

A nice tip for those who want to make the bedroom a peaceful place to sleep is to put sheets and bedding more neutral, without prints. Also make sure there aren’t too many distracting and cluttered objects. Leave the place always organized, leaving the dark environment in order to get to sleep quickly, dispensing stimuli.

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