TSE will not give special access to military personnel for counting elections

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) released a note in which it denied having closed an agreement with the Armed Forces to enable differentiated access in real time to data sent by the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) for the aggregation of the 2022 election results. published on the court’s website on Monday morning (12).

Information about the alleged agreement between the TSE and the Armed Forces was published by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. According to the newspaper, sources said that 400 military personnel would be in the polling stations to take pictures of the QR Codes of at least 385 polling stations. The data would be sent to the Army’s Cyber ​​Defense Command, in Brasília, and would serve for a parallel count of votes in this sample of polls. Also according to the newspaper, this work by the military would have the support of the TSE.

But, in the note published on its website, the Electoral Justice denied that this will happen. “The Superior Electoral Court informs, in relation to the calculation of the 2022 elections, that there was no change to what was defined in the first semester, nor any agreement with the Armed Forces or supervisory entities to allow differentiated access in real time to the data sent for the totalization of the electoral process by the TREswhose accomplishment is the constitutional competence of the Electoral Justice”, said the court.

The TSE also said that, as in other elections, the electronic ballot boxes will be available to supervisory entities and the general public after the end of the voting process. These newsletters will also be published on the internet this year. By means of the sum of the ballot boxes, the result of the election can be checked, according to the Electoral Justice.

“The TSE reiterates information widely disclosed last June about the vote count, from the sum of the BUs, being possible for several elections and that for this year’s election, the novelty of publication of ballot boxes by the world network of computers, after the close of voting for broad and unrestricted access to all inspection entities and the general public. Regardless of this possibility, as there are several elections, any interested party can go to the polling stations and freely add the BUs of one, ten, three hundred or all the ballot boxes”, informed the Electoral Justice.

Sought, the Ministry of Defense did not return the report until the publication of the article.

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