Twitter (TWTR34): Shareholders of the social network approve purchase by Elon Musk

Twitter’s shareholders [(ativo=TWTR34]) approved this Tuesday (13) the acquisition of the social network by billionaire Elon Musk for US$ 44 billion, leaving the future of the business to a legal battle in which the businessman tries to leave the transaction.

It should be noted that whistleblower and former Twitter executive Peiter Zatko, who has made allegations of widespread security breaches on the social network, testifies at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

Fired by the company in January, Zatko told the Senate Judiciary Committee today that “the incentives of Twitter executives have led them to prioritize profits over user safety,” echoing his whistleblower complaint.

Twitter has refuted his accusations and said the former employee’s statements are misleading. He was called before the committee to provide more information on his claims.

Zatko has become a factor in the legal drama unfolding over Musk’s effort to walk away from the Twitter takeover. Twitter sued Musk in July for his attempt to renege on the deal. Musk has filed a counter-suit, accusing the company of misrepresenting the condition of its business and key metrics about users on its platform.

(with Reuters and Estadão Content)

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