Ukraine pushes Russians back. What is known about the counterattack?

Ukraine announced today (12) that Russian troops were defeated the day before, showing a possible evolution in the retaking of land in the northeast of the country. After all, how big is the Ukrainian counterattack?

With the offensive that took place this weekend, the country regained hundreds of square kilometers of territory, with an advance to more than 20 cities and villages, which were under Russian command. The resumption took place within a period of 24 hours.

These achievements are a consequence of the collapse of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. The city of Moscow recognized the withdrawal of the city of Izium, the main Russian fort in the country. In counter-attack, before the withdrawal of troops, there was a fire of missiles against power plants, causing a blackout in Kharkiv and nearby cities.

“We are taking full control, and stabilization measures are being carried out,” the Ukrainian General Staff said.

Also according to information provided by the Ukrainians, the Russian military would have abandoned a huge stock of ammunition and military equipment.

The city of Kiev described the attacks as retaliation for Russian military advances in recent months.

As of this morning, power in Kharkiv had already been restored to 80% of its capacity, unlike the water supply, which remains interrupted.

Moscow, which deliberately denies the attacks on civilian targets, declined to comment.

The advance by Ukrainian forces, the most effective since the Russians’ retreat from the city of Kiev, represents a turning point for the country in the conflict.

In just a few days, Ukraine managed to retake some territories that took months for the city of Moscow to effectively occupy.

According to Ukrainian general Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the retakes have been on about more than 3,000 square kilometers of territory this month alone, advancing to a radius of close to 50 kilometers from the Russian border.

If there are further Russian withdrawals, particularly east of Oskil, Ukrainian troops could be fortified for an attack on territory that Russia and Ukraine-based allies have occupied since 2014.

Russia responded to Ukraine’s advances with the brief message that it would “achieve the objectives of its special military operation” in the neighboring country.

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