What are the main reasons for canceling the MEI?

Understand the 4 infractions that no microentrepreneur should do, if they don’t want to have their CNPJ cancelled!

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There are a number of advantages in becoming an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), such as exemption from certain federal taxes, issuance of invoices, social security aid, among others.

However, there are some rules that MEIs need to comply with, otherwise they may have the CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities). Check out what they are!

What are the main reasons for canceling the CNPJ?

Despite the many benefits guaranteed to micro-entrepreneurs, there are 4 things that a CNPJ owner cannot do if they don’t want to have their registration canceled. Check out what they are!


One of the monthly obligations of a micro-entrepreneur is the payment of the Documento de Arrecadação do Simples Nacional (DAS), and the amount depends on the area in which the MEI operates. Understand!

  • Commerce or Industry: R$ 60.60 of INSS (National Social Security Institute) + R$ 1.00 of ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services);
  • Provision of Services: R$ 60.60 for INSS and R$ 5.00 for ISS (Service Tax);
  • Commerce and Services: R$ 60.60 for INSS, R$ 1.00 for ICMS and R$ 5.00 for ISS.

Failure to pay these monthly fees may result in the cancellation of the CNPJ.

Carry out unauthorized activities to MEIs

Another thing that can lead to the cancellation of the MEI registration is the performance of activities that are not allowed. In this way, micro-entrepreneurs who fail to comply with this rule and work in unauthorized areas may suffer serious penalties.

The list of activities allowed to MEIs may change at any time, with inclusions or exclusions.

omit the recipe

Currently, the maximum annual revenue of a MEI is R$ 81 thousand, equivalent to approximately R$ 7 thousand per month. As a result, it may happen that a micro-entrepreneur exceeds this ceiling, and decides to omit his income.

However, the omission of the revenue, if verified by the Federal Revenue, may result in the cancellation of the micro-entrepreneur’s registration.

Not registering employees

One of the biggest setbacks of becoming a MEI is the impossibility of hiring another employee. However, some micro-entrepreneurs decide to circumvent this rule and hire an employee, but do not register.

However, when contracting and not making the formal registration, the MEI runs the risk of suffering serious penalties, such as the cancellation of the CNPJ. It is worth mentioning that the same goes for partners, as micro-entrepreneurs are unable to count on associates.

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